A carpet of wildflowers wows Roadies en route to 2023 Birdsville Races

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Birdsville Races (1-2 September 2023), nature has added an extra touch of magic to the journey through Outback Queensland for the Birdsville Races Roadies.

Following unexpected rainfall earlier in the year, the outback landscape – typically known for its rugged red earth terrain – has transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours with a stunning display of wildflowers.

Yellow, pink, purple, and white desert wildflowers are carpeting the red earth of Outback Queensland, giving Birdsville Races Roadies a rare glimpse at a unique floral phenomenon.

Of the spectacular display Gary Brook, Vice President of the Birdsville Race Club, said, “Travelling to the Birdsville Races has always been a remarkable journey, and this year, nature has truly outdone itself. The unexpected rain has gifted us with a breathtaking display of wildflowers that will add an extra layer of scenery that can only be experienced in the Outback.  As we celebrate the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that the Races evoke, these wildflowers stand as a vibrant symbol of the untamed beauty of the Australian outback.”

The colourful wildflowers that are peppered across the outback landscape include fields of paper daisies and bluebells along with flashes of purple parakeelya and the iconic wattle of the desert.

The Birdsville Races, an iconic outback meet with a history spanning 141 years, has long been a bucket-list adventure for many Australians. This year’s event promises to be an unforgettable experience, with a combined record prize pool of $300,000 and a line-up of fun Outback events including the RFDS Fun Run and Gala, Fashions on the Field, the famous Brophy’s Boxing Troupe, charity auctions and live entertainment at the Birdsville Hotel.

The Birdsville Races Roadies club offers all ticket holders the opportunity to embark on the ultimate road trip following one of many suggested Roadies Routes while connecting with other roadies to create memories and forge friendships.

Tickets to the 2023 Birdsville Races are on-sale at www.birdsvilleraces.com


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